Case Study Based on Film ‘Little Fish ‘

The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills in applying theories and models of substance abuse to a case study, and develop an intervention plan, which applies a treatment model (e.g. motivational interviewing) to the presenting issues of the client. Process: Apply models of substance abuse counselling to a case study based on one of the film ‘Little Fish’ (Directed by Rowan Woods, Cast by Cate Blanchett and Sam Neill). Develop an intervention plan which addresses the presenting issues of the client, selected from one of the following Australian films or serials, which feature the impact of substance abuse. This assignment should be written in first and third person as the counsellor/service provider. Formal academic writing and referencing conventions are to be followed. Your essay should include an introduction and conclusion. Choose one of the characters in the film who is abusing alcohol and/or other drugs as the basis for your client and case study. Write a concise description (no more than 300 words) of the character, his or her family and the social context as the case study. Provide an assessment and case formulation of the client, his or her psychosocial needs, and abuse of alcohol and/or other drugs. References from this unit and others relevant to the alcohol and other drugs field should be used to support your assessment and formulation (minimum 12 references). Describe the substance abuse counselling model you are applying to the case study, and its usefulness for the client’s presenting problem. Describe the intervention plan, i.e. how you would work with the client and the likely outcomes, using published research in the alcohol and other drug field. Describe the challenges the client will face in the recovery process and identify supports for his or her recovery in the social context. Identify ethical issues likely to be faced in counselling the client, referring to relevant codes of ethics. 

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