Case Study

Indra Nooyi’s is considering you for a brand management position at PepsiCo.  Please prepare a 6-8 page Report to Management that details PepsiCo’s situation and future prospects in the global and U.S. alternative beverage industry.   Give your recommendations as to what actions top management should take to enhance PepsiCo’s position and future performance particularly as concern competing effectively in the market for energy drinks, sports drinks and Vitamin-Enhanced beverages.  Do not focus on the cola wars with Coke.  Demonstrate familiarity with course concepts and analytical approaches; including but not limited to five forces, driving forces, success factors and strategic group map. The assignment carries 15% weight in course grade.


Reading: Thompson, Case 5: Competition in Energy Drinks and Vitamin Enhanced Beverages, pp. C75-C87 in Glo Bus Premium.


1. Read carefully the assignment description immediately above.

2. Read the Case Study available in the Glo Bus Premium portal!

3.Write a 6-8 pages report on PepsiCo (important note: answering the questions at the end of the case study is NOT the assignment – see Bottom Line note below):

4. Submit to prior to posting to LEO.

5. Post final version with similarity index to your individual assignment folder under Case 2.

Note: There is a 10% per day late submission penalty.  No assignments will be accepted after grades and comments have been posted.

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