Case studies on Coke VS Pepsi

All questions below must be used in case study. also Focus on management perspective and new strategies to show how consumers are looking for new products in the marketplace also.



1.    What strategy is the company pursuing to compete globally? In your opinion, is this the correct strategy, given current economic conditions in the global economy? If your company is not doing business globally, what major markets can this company do to enter to compete internationally?


2.    How does the company work with its suppliers or buyers? How vertically or horizontally integrated is the company?


3.    Identify any new industry or sector that your company has entered or can enter, whether nationally or globally and why?


4.    Pick a major strategic decision made by your company, and try to think through the ethical implication of that decision. Find cases that might have impacted the company from news items. If there are no cases, find out the ethical policy of the company and how does it implement it.


5.    What kind of the structure, controls, and culture would you find in your company? How does that impact its product or process issues?


6.    In what way does the company use IT (Information Technology) to service customers? How can it improve these operations?


7.    Use Financial Analysis from page C-9 end of the chapter and show at least two ratios and explain their importance to an investor.


8.    Use the textbook for technical terms to identify with the company’s issues to show that you are implementing academic knowledge with the information you are receiving


9.    Make a strong bibliography to show good research


10.Check spellings and write professionally




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