Career Profile

Career Profile -Learning Outcome 3

Weighting: Organisation Profile 15% (750words)

Leader Profile 15% (750words)

Due Date: Week 8 (upload Career Profile to TurnItin link)

Word Limit: 1500 words

Assessment Type: Individual


Purpose of assessment:

 To demonstrate the student’s ability to reflect on their career choices, their personal skills, attributes and interests in order to

identify suitable future employers and undertake future career planning.


Students will:

Submit a 1500 word report that includes an Organisation Profile (750 words) & a Leader Profile (750 words).

This is an individual assessment piece.

Objectives of assessment:

To demonstrate the ability of students to:

 Critically reflect on self-learning, skills and attributes within their industry / discipline context


 Use critical evaluation and synthesis to identify areas for further development, both professionally and personally


 Creatively generate or locate opportunities and pathways for self development

Overview of Assessment


Task 1 Organisation Profile – Based on comprehensive research and analysis students will evaluate a specific organisation in their

industry of choice and will decide if it aligns to their skills, attributes and values. Is it a good organisational fit?

In the analysis students will be required to make a decision on:

– Does the organisation align to their skills, attributes and values?

– Is the organisation a suitable one in which to commence/continue their career?


Task 2 Leader Profile – Students will be required to profile an inspiring leader from a sector of the community. Students will reflect

on the leaders ‘journey’ and will ultimately assess how this person’s experience may impact on their own professional career



Required Assessment Tasks

There are two tasks that you must undertake as part of Assessment 1.

Task 1 – Organisational Profile (15%)


Once you have graduated from your studies what type of organisation would you like to work for?

If you are currently employed what is your next career move?


This assessment allows you to briefly describe the industry in which you would like to work and to identify a specific organisation

where you would like to commence your career.


Identify one organisation and discuss in detail how the organisations’ mission and goals, leadership style, reporting structure,

culture, physical work environment, geographic location, staffing practices and graduate opportunities align to your personal and

professional needs and your desired career path.


Reflect on the level of compatibility between your skills, attributes and values and the organisation you identified. Is there a high

level of organisational fit? Why or Why not? Please explain your reasons in detail. 


Your Reflective piece must utilise literature and other support materials. A minimum of five academic references must be used

and appropriately referenced. There is a maximum word limit of 750 words.


Task 2 – Leader Profile (15%)

World-wide there are a large number of successful and/or inspirational individuals working within a variety of sectors. These sectors include business, sport, politics, arts and the philanthropic/not-for-profit sector.

Identify one such individual and undertake the following:

 Provide a brief overview of their career to date. (Please Note: Maximum word count – 250 words.)

It is important to include a discussion of both the highlights and lowlights of their career.


 Discuss why this individual is considered successful and/or inspirational in their life and field of expertise.

At minimum please discuss factors relating to financial prosperity, contribution to their profession, contribution to the community,

leadership style/s, business acumen and work-life balance.


 Reflect on how learning more about this leader will impact on your future career planning. How will you make use of the results

of this Leader profiling exercise to further develop your own career? Please be specific.

Your Reflective piece must utilise literature and other support materials as appropriate.


A minimum of five academic references

must be used and appropriately referenced. There is a maximum word limit of 750 words.

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