business, report on leader

A business report on a leader; the leader the client has chosen is Karl Lagerfeld.

There are many different leadership styles used by leaders of modern organisations. In class you have discussed autocratic, democratic, paternalistic, laissez-faire and transformational styles. Many leaders change their style to suit the situation they are faced with or the types of people they manage. Leaders also have to make decisions about their organisation’s future. To do this they use a variety of strategic tools; scenario planning, competitor analysis, PESTEL and SWOT analysis to name a few. 

Select one leader of an organisation of your choice and critically analyse the leadership style they predominantly use. Then discuss two types of strategic decision-making tools they have used in the past to make decisions or what tools they are using right now to take their organisation through changes. You will need to include and apply some relevant theory around leadership styles in your report. You will also have to make some recommendations about how they can improve their leadership style given the current challenges facing the organisation.

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