business; Graduate Development Programme

Design of a Graduate Development Programme

You are an HRD consultant and your task is to plan and design a two week development programme for a group of ten new recruits entering graduate-level employment at your organisation of choice. In addition, you are required to present a critical, theoretical analysis of why you have chosen ONE of the elements included in your design.

Your organisation should be a “live” organisation – this will enable you to research the organisation’s mission, vision and strategies.

You MUST have a specific organization in mind to provide the background for your development programme. You are allowed to make reasonable assumptions, for example, the job the employees will perform on completion of development, and person-related training needs.

The client would like the specific focus to be on retail, eg, improving market share for Asda so they can go above their competition, Sainsbury’s or Tesco, and how they will make sure to be the leading retailer in years to come and to take on recruits who will help pursue this.

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