Business functional innovation

TMA 01 is made up of two parts: Part A and Part B. You need to complete both parts of the assignment.

Part A: Case study – Tiger (900 words)
The case study is in the attachment ‘Assignment task’.
Part A of this TMA will be marked out of 80 marks.
Read the case study and answer the following questions: 
Describe how two of these three business functions (marketing, operations or finance) would identify and address this organisation’s innovation needs. (30 marks)
Apply your two chosen business functional innovation perspectives to the case study to describe Tiger’s approach to innovating. (30 marks)
Discuss two issues that the managers at Tiger might face when choosing between these functional perspectives, in order to decide a direction for the business in the case study. (20 marks)

Part B: Block 1 mind map (100 words)
This part of the TMA will be marked out of 20 marks.
Create a mind map to explore your understanding of an area of public and non-profit management. This will focus on your work from Block 1 Sessions 17 and 18. For this mind map you may choose to build on the work you have already done on the pros and cons of competition and choice in public services (in Activity 18.1).

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