Business Enterprise Systems

In twenty first century business Enterprise Systems (ES) are used by organisations to achieve particular organisational goals. (relates to LO: 1)

Explain the main types of ES and provide a detailed analysis, illustrated with real business examples, of how such systems are used by organisations to achieve the goals. (LO: 2)

Your report should highlight the benefits of the systems; but also the challenges of implementation by an information systems manager. (LO: 2 & 3)

Your report should cover:
Background information
• Provide definitions of Enterprise Systems & the organisational goals they are designed to enable (LO: 2)
• Provide background information on the development of Enterprise Systems and the way in which they work (LO: 1 & 2)
• Specific Analysis with relevant real business examples
• Analysis of deployment of each type of Enterprise System in a real company (LO: 2 &3)
• Critical Analysis of the use of Enterprise Systems in achieving business goals (LO: 2)
• Critical evaluation of the benefits and challenges related to implementation of Enterprise Systems. (LO: 3)

It is important that you do not simply define this area of knowledge, but instead apply it, using specific examples drawn from your analysis of real business situations.

1. Understand how and why database systems are specified, designed, implemented, tested, maintained and used.
2. Analyse an organisations’ requirements for data storage and information gathering and how managerial decisions are influenced.
3. Evaluate the concept of database management and the technical responsibilities of a database administrator.

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