break even analysis

This assignment is to be submitted as an Exсel file using the temрlate provided.
• Prepare a zero base aсtivity and financial budget for the health services. The business case can be for an initiative of your choice in the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District. A whole hospital, for example, is not appropriate as there are too many product lines to be managed successfully for a student assignment.
• As well as the proposed budget for the optimal operation of the service the student⁢ is to prepare a budget that will allow operations on a budget that is 10% less than the optimal budget.
• Include a⁣ break-even analysis.


• Activity and finance Budget- Adequate data with complete budget details. Fully functional spreadsheet
• Break even analysis- Adequate data with complete budget details. Fully functional spreadsheet
• Quality of explanation at each row item to explain activity and budget items.
• Maintenance of integrity of the Excel file so that sources may be tracked back from the break even to the source data items.

• Zelman, W.N. (2014) Financial management of health care organisations. (4th Ed). Chapter 9: Using cost information to make special decisions, p. 375 onwards.
Penner, S. J. (2013) Economic and financial management for nurses and nurse leaders. (2nd Ed). NY: Springer Publishing. Chapter 8: Cost finding, breakeven and charges p. 168 onwards.

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