BBC1 marketing report, with using website of Mediatel as main data source, supplemented with information gathered through other publicly available sources, answer as many of the following questions as the available data allow you

Write a media report of the UK media outlet –BBC1, with using the website of Mediatel as main data sources. (e.g., company annual reports, trade journals, news sources, Ofcom research, Office for National Statistics) answer as many of the following questions as the available data allow you (not necessarily in the given order):

1. Using recent yearly data, how does the performance of your media outlet, as measured through viewership/circulation data, compare with the rest of the product market (as you have defined it)? What percent share of the market does it hold?

2. How has your media outlet performed over the past 10 years (or over any other medium- to long-term time-period that you deem relevant for the purpose of the analysis)?

3. Does the socio-demographic profile (age, gender, social class) of your media outlet’s viewership/readership differ significantly from the rest of the market and/or from the UK population at large? Has it changed significantly over the years? If so, how can this be accounted for?

4. Does the performance data of your media outlet show significant seasonal variation? If so, how can this be accounted for?

5. How is your media outlet likely to perform in viewership/readership terms in the next 5 to 10 years? Explain the assumptions that have informed your forecast (e.g., consideration of change in technology, economy or consumer preferences) and (if relevant) the forecasting technique used.

In answering some of these questions it might be appropriate to also take into account the performance of your media outlet’s online ‘off-spring’ (e.g. the website of a newspaper).


Formatting and other requirements:

? You must keep a record of the raw data that you have used in your report and be prepared to provide it on request.

? On the cover page, please provide the module title and the module code, the assignment title, your name and student ID, and the chosen media outlet.

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