Aviation Human Factors

Develop a 2-3 page case analysis on this topic: Select a commercial aviation accident that was concluded to have resulted from pilot error. Determine the primary and any secondary human factors contributions to the accident. Consider pilot training, organizational culture, organizational rules/policies, ergonomics, aircraft design limitations, etc., when identifying an issue for your case analysis. Process I. Review materials from outside sources regarding the case II. Diagnose the case (identify the issue/problem, define the significance of the issue/problem) III. “Size-up” the case (determine the influence of the issue/problem, decide what was done well, and identify what could be improved) IV. Provide recommendations (identify courses of action; what would you do differently?) Use section headings: Summary (Should provide a sufficient summary and develop a central theme that is organized.) Problem Statement (Should clearly and succinctly identify and isolate as assigned, the problem/s or issue/s.) Significance of Problem (Should present a valid argument with reference to relevant concepts, theories and/or frameworks; Fully supports the Problem Statement; Should exhibit thoughtfulness, and make some effort towards predicting outcomes.) Alternative Actions (2 each) (Should succinctly state an approach to resolving the problem/s or issue/s. Reasons for each alternative are included in the described alternative. Advantages and disadvantages should be present. The outcome of implementing one alternative or the other may be present. A decision could possibly be made based upon the information provided.) Recommendation (A somewhat realistic approach to resolving the problem should be provided. The reason is provided. An advantage and disadvantage should be present. The outcome of implementation is positive. A decision could possibly be made based upon the information provided.) References


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