Campaign Finance

In the Hershey book, chapter 12, Financing the Campaigns, the author asks, on page 255-56 , “Has Campaign Finance Regulation Made a Difference?”  Please summarize his argument and describe his conclusion.  Please write a response of no more than 500 words.  Attached are a copy of the pages.Political Science

Research method approach report

Looking for someone to review the research question chosen, approach and finish off the methodology, theoretical framework, ethical considerations and research design.In total 1700 words need to be written up and 1000 reviewed. you can amend anything you want.Political Science

What is America?

This is an opinion piece which is based upon the seminar readings and discussions, and can already prepare ideas for your research. You are supposed to develop a thesis in the beginning, and then develop arguments in support of the thesis, but also hint at possible counterarguments. You do not need to find additional research […]

need done by tomorrow wednesday 12/11/18 8pm!

O’Brien, Animal Sacrifice and Religious Freedom (book)What is the role of animal sacrifice in the Santeria religion?When and why did the animal sacrificial practices of Santeria first become a political issue in the United States?When the Church of the Lukumi sought to operate a worship center in Hialeah in 1987, what were the initial objections?The […]

Essay about Federal Government

Explain this in one paragraphYour type is authoritarian. Authoritarians want the government to have tremendous power over the economy and personal behaviors–advocating for both strong military and police powers.. You are generally willing to use coercion and the threat of violence to realize your ideals. You may doubt whether economic liberty and personal freedom are […]

Gun control

Assignment about why is gun control necessary in the countrySample Structured AssignmentAssignmentTerm Paper (2000 words, double spaced, APA format)Purpose and Goals of the AssignmentYou are to argue for the thesis you have chosen. To do so, you must demonstrate knowledge of the subject and synthesize information from several references.SkillsYou should demonstrate the following skills: persuasive […]

Balance of Power

Balance of Power”  Please respond to the following:From the Affordable Care Act, identify two (2) official actors and then describe how their motives, conflicts, and interrelationships impacts the policy. Support your answer with examples.Political Science

Pol 300 discuss question

National Security” Please respond to the following Main Discussion Question:The conclusion of the Cold War seemed to decrease the security problems of the world’s major powers for a while. However, unexpected threats by bombers, radicals, insurgents, including an increasing arms race, Chinese economic domination, Russian expansion, the revival of a nuclear arms race, trade wars […]

Political Compass Results

Week 8 Discussion: Political Compass ResultsRequired resources:Read/review the following resources for this activity:LessonPolitical Compass Test ResultsAdditional scholarly sources you identify through your own researchLink (webpage):Discussion GuidelinesPlease follow the guidelines to get full credit.Textbook:Magstadt, T. (2017). Understanding politics: Ideas, institutions, and issues (12th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.Initial Post InstructionsGo to the site: (Links to an external site.)Links […]

Economic Issues in PA 5021

A  2 page summary of a Current Event in New Jersey that has a social-political and economical value.At the end  please point out the following1. What is economic Value ?2. what is the political value?3. What is the social Value?Political Science