Australia’s Workplace Relations system

The Productivity Commission’s Final Report on Australia’s Workplace Relations system, sets out their views as to whether or not change is needed in relation to a range of subject areas focusing on one of the subject areas outlined below:

a) Discuss whether the Productivity Commission either explicitly or implicitly refers to the concepts of equity, efficiency and voice. Please provide examples, and an assessment of the relative importance of each in the Productivity Commission Report 


b) In your own view is an appropriate balance between the three concepts achieved by the Productivity Commission?
It is suggested that your answer should cover the following elements 
A brief explanation of the concepts of equity, efficiency and voice (refer to Befort and Budd, 2009) [to include an Introduction: altogether this section 600 words – 10%]
A brief overview of the Productivity Commission’s role in reviewing industrial relations and workplace relations policy and how appropriate this is; [200 words – 5%]
A brief explanation of the subject area you are covering.[700 words – 25%]
A response to the specific questions a) [850 – 30%] and b) above [650 words 30%] 

Please link this back to the lectures and seminars. 
The power point titled essayguidelines.ppx contains all information. 

Subject areas which may be covered [one or more] in the essay:

The safety net (ie minimum standards: referring to all or some of: the national minimum wage, awards, penalty rates, workplace rights for employees experiencing domestic violence and/or the National Employment Standards)

The anti-bullying, general protections and/or unfair dismissal jurisdictions

Individual voice (Individual Flexibility Arrangements, the Right to Request flexible working arrangements and/or enterprise contracts) 

Collective voice (enterprise bargaining including any issues omitted by the PC and/or how those impact on your assessment of the balance they achieved)

The 3,000 word limit is strict, the client cannot allow the usual +10% word count, the reference list must not be more than 500 words. 

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