Assignment: Assessment Data to Guide Practice




*Use labels below as headings

*APA format required-refer to Announcement Writing Skills and APA Format

*2 pages Word document that includes the following (excluding Title and Reference page)

*Refer to Instructor Guidance-Anecdotal Records, The Rating Scale and the Checklist links for Anna Smith

Title Page


Introduction-Write a brief introduction that informs the reader of the topic of this assignment and its organization (tell the reader what you will be discussing in your paper).

*Recommendation to include:

·        Identify child-Anna Smith

·        Name three assessments (checklist, anecdotal record, rating scales)

·        What will the assessment help to identify?

·        Contents of document (general assessment observation, child observation, short-term and long term goals)

Example:  The following document will explain data collected for Anna Smith for the purpose to match curriculum and developmental goals for a preschool child.   Three assessments will be reviewed; Developmental Checklist (accompanied by a Red Flag Checklist), an Anecdotal Record and a Rating Scale.  Data provided will help identify Anna’s strengths and opportunities for growth in multiple domain areas.  It will also guide individualized instruction.  General assessment observations, child observations, short-term and long-term goals will be discussed.


Assessment Observations (1 to 2 paragraphs)-Describe the observations that you made from the data using several examples from the assessments of Anna Smith (include data from the checklist, anecdotal record and rating scale).

*Recommendation to include data from:

·        Checklist and Red Flag checklist

·        Anecdotal Record

·        Rating Scale

Example assessment observations:  Using the Red Flag Checklist was informative; however, I needed to categorize the list to match the Developmental Checklist form (movement, milestones in hand and finger skills, language milestones, cognitive milestones and social milestones). 


When categorizing the Red Flag list, I was able to match stated developmental skills to categories other than movement development.  Challenges include not all categories assessed are included on the Red Flag Checklist.  For example, the Developmental Checklist indicates that Anna can print a, s, n, t, r, and l.  However, on the Red Flag List there is no printing of letters to make an analysis for Anna.


The anecdotal record and rating scale supported findings from the checklist which includes……


Child Observations (3 to 4 paragraphs)-Describe the strengths and areas of opportunity (i.e, weaknesses) for Anna Smith based on the assessment data (include information from the checklist, anecdotal record and rating scale).

*Recommendation to include data from:

·        Checklist and Red Flag checklist

·        Anecdotal Record

·        Rating Scale

Example child observations:  Based on the Developmental Checklist alone, Anna is strong in her development of hands/finger and social skills. Further data supports that Anna is socially developing appropriately includes:

·        Comments-“Anna is happy and engaged in the class.”

·        Anecdotal Record-“Greets other children”

·        Center Time Play Rating Scale-Always checked for “Plays with children”, “Shows engagement at centers”


One area under the social umbrella includes “transition time”.  “Needs direction” is stated in the Developmental Checklist.  Other areas of opportunity include movement, language, and cognitive.


Again, the challenge remains as to the assessment criteria in relation to the Developmental Red Flags list.  Many of the assessment criteria is not included in the Red Flag list; making it difficult to create curriculum for Anna based on this information along.  For example, data indicates that Anna can print 8 letters.  The question is how many letters she should be able to print as a 4-5 year old.  More research would need to be conducted to provide a foundational basis for child development skills for a 4 to 5-year old.


Short-Term Goal (3 to 4 paragraphs)-Explain three specific instructional decisions for a short-term goal for Anna Smith based on the analysis.

1.      Instructional decision #1- Example:  Teach “Transition Time”.  Practice using specific instruction and PRACTICE in behavioral expectations and routines when transitioning from one activity to another. 

2.      Instructional decision #2- Example:  Group other children in Anna’s class who are having difficulty transitioning between activities.  Plan “stations” were Anna’s group practices the specific instructions and behavior expectations previously “taught”.

3.      Instructional decision #3-Example:  Set aside a time for Anna and teacher to work independently on transition time.  “Teach” specific instructions and practice behavioral expectations.


Long-Term Goal (3 to 4 paragraphs)-Explain one specific long-term goal for Anna Smith based on the data analysis.

*Include a specific timeline related to your short term goal

Eample:  Anna will be able to transition between activities within a two-week time span (after implementation of short-term goals).  Therefore, the target date of January 17 (two weeks from the January 3 assessment).


Conclusion-Write a short conclusion that informs the reader of the main points from the assignment (summarize what you discussed in your paper)

*Recommendation, include:

·        Restate child’s name-Anna Smith

·        Restate the three assessments (checklist, anecdotal record, rating scales)

·        Restate what will the assessment help to identify?

·        Restate contents of document (general assessment observation, child observation, short-term and long term goals)



Reference Page (include three scholarly sources in addition to text)

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