assignment 4

Key Assignment

label Part I

You have been hired as a consultant for a small company that consists of about 15 employees. The owner of the company has noticed that her employees have begun exhibiting signs of stress over the past several weeks. The owner has asked you to provide a series of 3 1-hour workshops (1 workshop per week for 3 consecutive weeks) to the employees focusing on stress-management education and techniques.

For Part I of your Key Assignment, please include the following:

  • A description of the company and the reported problem(s) (maximum of 1 page).
    • Feel free to use your imagination for this part. You can create a fictional company or research a real-life company.
    • Include what you imagine to be the top concerns of the company audience.
  • A detailed outline of the entire 3-week sequence of workshops
  • The rationale for your chosen areas of focus each week
    • For example, if you choose to provide 1 workshop on stress education, what elements of stress response and management do you think are most important, and why?

It is expected that Part I will be 4–6 pages in length. Include 2–3 scholarly references to support the rationale section of the project. Use in-text citations and an APA-formatted reference list.

label Part II

For Part II of your assignment, please develop the following:

  • A full, detailed description of 1 of the 3 1-hour workshops outlined in Part I
  • Along with the detailed description, include the following:
    • A detailed outline of the workshop hour
    • PowerPoint slides or any other visual presentations that would be used
    • Copies of handouts or written materials that would be given during the workshop
    • Instructions for presentation leaders and descriptions of any in-workshop exercises

It is expected that Part II be 4–6 pages in length, although you can exceed the page limit to include additional PowerPoint slides, visual aids, or handouts in the appendices.


  • Examine the methods available for enhancing positive health and reducing unhealthy stress.
  • Apply knowledge of stress management to well-being in a variety of settings.
  • Develop interventions that are helpful in personal and professional settings.
  • Four minimum references


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