Assignment 2: Addressing Narcoterrorism

Due to foreign wars and continuing conflicts in the Middle East, terrorist activities in Mexico have received little attention from the US citizens or media. Yet narco-terrorist activities in Mexico pose a danger to the rest of North America. Mexico is more than just a gateway for drugs; it also serves as an entry to South America for additional resources, business partners, and political support. It is the U.S.’s second-largest trading partner and the third-largest source of imported petroleum.

In order to counter these activities and win the war on terror, the United States must strengthen relations and cooperation with its southern neighbor. Strong U.S.-Mexico relations are essential geopolitically, economically, and socially. The shared border makes it imperative that the two countries work together to solve their common problems.

Having a shared border increases the potential threat from narcoterrorism. The term is being increasingly used for known terrorist organizations that engage in drug trafficking activity to fund their operations and gain recruits and expertise.

There is an increased use of drug trafficking as a means to fund terrorist organizations. For example, in Afghanistan, the Taliban taxed poppy farmers to fund its government. For years, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and other terrorist organizations in South America taxed drug farmers to fund operations and resistance movements. More recently, these groups have delved into the business of transporting these drugs because it is often more lucrative than any other means to raise funds.

Looking to the future, many issues will need to be addressed before Mexico and the United States can learn to work seamlessly with each other. As with any new initiative, extreme care and sensitivity to cultural differences need to remain top concerns.

For this discussion, you will assume that you have been contracted by the US State Department to address the matter of narcoterrorism, which is beginning to affect the security of our nation, especially along our Southern border. Effective policy must be implemented for dealing with the emerging threat of narcoterrorism.

On the basis of your reading the textbook and outside resources, by Sunday, July 5, 2015, in at least 250 words, post to the Discussion Area your answers to the following questions:

  • With the U.S. concentrating on foreign wars and continuing conflicts in the Middle East, have terrorist activities in Mexico received little attention from the American public or media?
  • Do organized crime and the nexus between narcotics mafia and the terrorist groups in Mexico pose a danger to our nation’s security? Why?
  • Can weapons of mass destruction cross the southern border of the U.S., the same border Narco Terrorists use? Can the issue be addressed by the U.S. alone?
  • Identify the issues of concern and explain your response to how the directive can be accomplished politically.

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