assignment 1 section 2 (1c)

Section 2 should be a minimum of 6-7 double spaced pages. (Note: The cover page and work cited page do not count towards the minimum paper length requirement).


Please address the following questions in Section 2. Use subheadings of your paper.

§ What would be the purpose of the proposed evaluation?

o Why would the program or project be evaluated?

o What would the student want to accomplish with the evaluation?

§ How does the student propose evaluating/assessing the program/project?

o What are the proposed evaluation questions? (Note: Every variable in the evaluation questions must be operationalized.)

o Would the proposed evaluation utilize a formative and/or summative approach?

o What evaluation model would be used?

o Would the student serve as an external or internal evaluator of the project/program?

o What methods would be used to answer each evaluation question?

o What measures would be used?

o What data would be collected? How would these data be collected?

o What resources would be needed? (i.e., budget, staff, timeline)  

§ What protocols for IRB/Human Subjects Review would need to be followed prior to implementing the proposed evaluation?


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