Assessment Component 2 – The Final Urban Health Report

The Final Report (3250 words) carries a weight of 65% of the module’s total marks. 

The following is what you should consider for this assessment component:

a) Report Title – should include the health issue, target population group and the area. London or New York based papers should look at the boroughs; elsewhere you can just look at the whole city as one study unit.

b) Introduction – brief overview of the urban health issue and signposting to show the sections you will include in the work.

c) Rationale of why this is an urban health issue – identify and explain the evidence including epidemiological data you will use to show why this is an urban health problem.

d) Explain the urban context and determinants that you will look at to explain the impact on the health issue. Remember to draw on the wider context, including London if you are looking at a London borough.

e) Identify and explain the public health consequences and implications of this urban health problem that impact on the general populations, on the individual and on the health services.

f) Explain what strategies and interventions for addressing this urban health problem you will critique in the paper.

g) What recommendations and conclusions you expect to make?



Final Report Marking Criteria                          

a) Content Relevance: reflecting the module’s learning outcomes 30%  

b) Analysis and Critical Thinking: synthesis, analysis, interpretation, discussion and critique 50%  

c) Research: seeking relevant literature and referencing*, structure, writing and presentation 20%


***Students will fail the assessments if their work is not correctly referenced in the Harvard method, both in the main text and in References list.



1. The Urban Health Advantage 

 2. Urbanisation, Urbanicity and Health  

3. Beyond Deprivation and Health in UK Cities 

4. Urban Conditions and Population Health 


5. Cities and Public Health Crises 

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