assessment analysis

Please submit three documents. One word document PER part.

Part 1: As the principal at your elementary school, use an appropriate technology tool (e.g. Excel, SPSS) to analyze data on your schools’ curriculum, including students’ learning scores for standardized and diagnostic tests, and any other appropriate data available. You can focus on data for a class. Look for patterns and areas of concern linked to specific standards. Identify any indicators for which the data indicate students’ learning gaps. (ELCC 1.2, 2.4.) Include in part 1: the link to the tool used to analyze and display data in a graphical representation and a narrative that names and explains the standards that are areas of concern.

2. Part 2: Describe the communication strategies or tools you will use to share the data with the teachers at your school who teach the classes related to the identified indicators. Include in part 2 the knowledge, reasoning, skills, product, and disposition targets that are included in the standards identified as areas of concern. Use the table attached to display these components of the curriculum (ELCC 1.2, 2.4.)
3. Part 3: Address the knowledge, reasoning, skills, product, and disposition targets by creating at least 5 assessments that assess all skills, knowledge, types of reasoning and dispositions included in the standard/s. Include in part 3 the five assessments. The assessments should give opportunity to demonstrate learning to a diverse student population, include all assessment methods discussed in class and explained in the book (selected response, written response, performance assessment, personal communication), promote metacognition, be culturally relevant, and integrate technology. For either the written response of the performance assessment, create an analytic rubric. For each assessment include one or two paragraphs explaining how it promotes metacognition, how is it culturally relevant, and how it integrates technology.

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