ASSESSMENT 2: Report- Curriculum and Instruction

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Understanding the relationship between curriculum and instruction is pivotal to effective educational leadership. This task requires you to investigate the relationship between curriculum, instruction and educational leadership.
1. Identify a Key Learning Area (KLA) or discipline to discuss. In consideration of curriculum policy and your context (e.g. Australian/ International; public/Independent; primary/secondary) explain the curriculum demands of the
KLA/discipline. For example, what are students expected to learn? What are teachers expected to teach? How does the curriculum developmentally progress? Who has developed the curriculum? What are the fundamental topics and assumptions that underline the KLA/discipline? What guidelines do you have for implementation at the Policy and school level?
2. In consideration of the KLA/discipline, what instructional practices should be considered in order to ensure instructional practices equates to high levels of student learning? Why are these instructional practices important to this KLA? You may choose to discuss one particular Stage/age of learning in your response. Use literature to support your discussion
3. In consideration of leadership, what strategies could an educational leader utilise to ensure the high quality of
curriculum instruction and ultimately high levels of student learning are delivered?
*** You may choose to include Appendix items as reference to particular curriculum policies and instructional practices (these are not included in your word count)***

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