Asian Culture vs. African Erican Culture

Asian Culture vs. African Erican Culture Description Write a paper comparing and contrasting one culture from another. I am suppose to spend 4 contact hours with someone that has a different cultural background than me and write a paper on the experience. As an outline, I would suggest to start the paper off with some cultural background information about asians, then talk about african american culture. Then finish the paper by making up some stuff about the contact hours i spent with someone. The person i chose is a guy named michael, who is 21 years old and we work together at tropical smoothie. He is married and his parents are divorced. He is the youngest of two siblings and as a kid he was super spoiled. His first car was a mercedes coupe, then later got an audi. He is shipping into the navy soon, but works at tropical smoothie until his ship-out date. We soent our contact hours together at work since he’s a busy man and im a busy woman. We always talked about eachothers cultural background. You can make up some information about the contact hours as long as it makes sense.


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