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Please write a 1-page letter in which you deliver some type of bad news to the reader (intent: to maintain your relationship with the reader).  The main purpose of this assignment is two-fold: (1) for you to use an indirect method effectively when writing your letter; and (2) for you to include all of the necessary information needed when crafting a complete and persuasive negative letter.
(a) Introduction: Your introduction should include a buffer that is positive, neutral, or a statement of common ground; this can be one or two sentences depending on your audience and topic.  Buffers may express agreement, appreciation, cooperation, fairness, good news, praise, understanding, and so forth.  In addition, you will need to explain the purpose of the letter; this statement (1 or 2 sentences) will contain the bad news.  Finally, a one-sentence preview of your main points in the introduction will help to create a roadmap for your reader.
(b) Body: The body of the letter should include an explanation of the bad news and–depending on your topic–possible solutions, alternatives, explanations, timeline for goals, and so forth.
(c) Conclusion: The conclusion will contain a summary statement and a statement that reflects a positive tone–you may look toward the future in a positive way or emphasize the importance of the business relationship.  If you feel you need to set a meeting or emphasize a deadline–you may also include this information in the conclusion.
(d) Formatting: Please use business letter formatting—not memo formatting or email.  This should be written as a formal document.  Your letter should be single spaced, space between paragraphs, short/readable paragraphs, and bullet points are optional.
(e) Potential topics from which to choose:
–Performance evaluation for an employee you manage, or you could even write one as your boss writing an evaluation to yourself;
–Letter to David Eccles School of Business indicating problem/issue/area of development with any of our programs;
–Letter to U of U indicating a problem or need with any aspect of campus;
–You may re-write a bad news letter that you received;
–Any organizational bad news message to company/clients related to a business issue or topic.

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