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 Watch this video and answer those questions.
Video link:
For each of the questions below, write one to three sentences in your own words. Try to write full-sentence responses that are complete, clear, and accurate. The purpose of the exercise is not to test your knowledge of the film, but to give you practice in finding words to summarize its argument.

  1. What was the Great Migration?
  2. At 15:12, Angela Davis says that in the early 1970s “crime begins to stand in for race.” What does she mean by that?
  3. What was the “Southern Strategy”? How is it explained by John Ehrlichman and Lee Atwater?
  4. Charles Rangel and Malkia Cyril both talk (between about 24:00 and 31:00) about how black Americans responded to apparent rising crime in the United States. Explain this response.
  5. What’s a “super predator”? How did the idea of superpredators change political debate in the US?
  6. Who was Willie Horton, and how was he important to the presidential election of 1988 (in which George H.W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis)?
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