Artiсulate a realistic рroblem that modern organization might face that could be addressed through statistical analysis.

This Assignmеnt will аddress the following leаrning unit objeсtives:

Artiсulate a realistic рroblem that modern organization might face that could be addressed through statistical analysis.

Prepare a dataset relevant to an identified problem.
Apply an appropriate statistical technique to prepared data.
Discuss the outputs of a statistical model.
Course outcome(s) practiced in this assignment:

IT527-4: Build useable and effective data analytics models incorporating industry-recognized software and standard algorithms.

Professional competency practiced in this Assignment:

PC-6.1: Incorporate data, inferences, and reasoning to solve problems

Unit 6 Assignment: Final Project

Your Assignment for Unit 6 is to design and conduct a statistical inquiry of your own design. This Assignment will serve as your Final Project for IT527, and is worth 150 points. It is intentionally designed to complement the Unit 6 Discussion. In order to fulfill this assignment, complete the following steps:

Identify a realistic problem that a modern organization or business might face. If you use a problem from your workplace, ensure that you have necessary permission, and be sure to respect privacy and data ownership rights. Remember that you only have one week to complete this Final Project, so choose something that is limited enough in scope that you can realistically complete the work required in one week’s time.

Determine what data you will need to statistically investigate your chosen problem. Collect these data and organize them into a dataset appropriate for your planned investigation. Gather as many observations as you can.
Apply an appropriate statistical model to your data in SAS JMP.
Write a Final Project report of not less than 4 pages in APA format. Use Times New Roman 12 point font with one inch margins on all sides. Cite at least five sources relevant to your topic, supporting your definition and treatment of the subject. Include Title and References pages, which are not part of the four page minimum. Organize your report to include an introduction and summary of your chosen problem, a description of your data preparation, a discussion of your statistical modeling activities, a summary of your results, and a conclusion stating what you discovered. You may choose to include recommendations of a list of additional questions that arose from your investigation.
Submit your Final Project report to the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox, then participate in the Unit 6 Discussion.
Unit 6 Grading Rubric


Points Possible

Points Earned

1. A realistic business problem that can be addressed through analytics is identified.


2. A dataset appropriate to the chosen problem is procured, prepared and imported.


3. An appropriate and relevant statistical model is applied to the dataset in SAS JMP.


4. A final report explaining the business problem, dataset, statistical analysis, and interpretation of results is prepared. The report is well organized, professionally presented, and supported by cited research (including at least 3–5 reliable and authoritative sources beyond the textbook). The report includes appropriate introductory and conclusion paragraphs, along with recommendations for further investigation and/or application.


5. The final report is organizing in APA format, with appropriate margins and font sizes. The report uses images and screenshots, if any, appropriately with corresponding labels. The citations conform to APA format.

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