ARI Research

To acquire sufficient research both primary and secondary research methods were utilized. In-depth interviews were conducted as a primary research method. It was important to speak with millennials directly, to gain insight on lifestyle and donating behavior. Thirty-two open-ended questions were asked, which covered donating behavior, social media usage, and spending habits. To gather secondary research many sources were used as well as data from an ARI Questionnaire survey. Secondary sources that were used consist of databases, journals, news articles, websites, and google trends. The survey consisted of twenty-four questions answered by 100 respondents. These questions were helpful in correlating to our in-depth interviews. – I will attach the survey we did to get some info. – the instruction of my part is : Research Methods & Procedures (1-2 pages)  Discusses research methods, including sequencing and sampling, and provides rationale for their use.  Focus on: research design (i.e. exploratory and descriptive); survey instrument (i.e. discuss questionnaire design, what constructs and measures were used); sampling (i.e. nature of the population, sampling units, sampling frame, time frame, sampling method, sample size); data collection method.


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