Argumentive Research Paper on Pro Choice ABORTION



Argumentive Research Paper Assignment Instructions

Administrative Instructions

1. Use Times New Roman font.

2. Use 12 font size.

3. Paper should be double spaced.

4. Use 1 inch for top, bottom, left and right margins.

5. Assignment title should be placed at the top center of page – “Research Paper Assignment.”

6. Research paper topic should be centered under assignment title.

7. Your name should be centered under the research paper topic.



Paper should be 8 pages in length to not include cover page or references page. 


Content Instructions (An assignment example is at the bottom of this section)


1.      The paper should contain the following:


a. Introduction -Your introduction should give a brief overview of the topic you are going to discuss. The last sentence of your introduction section should be your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should start with – The purpose of this paper is to…..

b. Body of paper – The body of your paper should have at least 3 items in support of your issue. Each supporting item is then broken down into smaller supporting items.

c. Conclusion – The conclusion of your paper should summarize your thesis statement and the supporting items discussed in your paper.

2. Provide list of seven (7) bibliographic references (using APA format).

The outline to follow for the paper is attached. 

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