Are We Living in a Surveillance Society?

We might think no one else either knows or cares what we get up to, as long as we compliance the law, unless we are a celebrity. But with massive development of technology, that is no longer the case and I totally agreed with the statement that we are living in a surveillance society. Moreover, I strongly believed that the level of surveillance will grow even further in the future. If we use loyalty cards or credit cards we can earn points and receive money off vouchers, but we also allow retailers keep data on what we’ve bought and where we’ve bought it.
The money we spend on credit cards is also monitored to check for any unusual spending patterns, which could indicate the card has been stolen. With the increasingly sophisticated technology, using internet becomes a daily activities of most of the people especially those who live in town. However, when we use the internet, records are kept about what we’ve been searching for, that can help if we want to log back on and do a similar search, but sad to say, it also means the provider keeps detailed information about our surfing habits. The same thing happen when we use the Global Positioning System (GPS).
It not only will guides us any destination that we want to go, but also alerts us to speed and traffic light cameras on the way ¬ which record our progress. Besides, when we use our mobile to call anyone, this will be logged by the telephone company and could be used by police to locate where the phone was at the time. In short, if this issue continues to develope, we would not have any freedom again as our daily life will be monitored. Thus, I hope that appropiate steps should be taken to solve this problem before our life become no privacy at all.

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