Anti­social personality disorder

I have shared with you the instructions of the presentation and i need to make piece of hand out

paper about my subject to give it to the listeners.

*the presentation topic is Anti social PD

*PD = personality disorder .

Introduces self and topic ­

Who are they? 1

What is this topic and how is it defined in the literature? 1

Why is it of interest to them or important/significant? 1

Discusses contemporary care of the consumer ­

This is the biggest section and should use the literature extensively to describe aetiology or

intervention or evidence for treatment and expected outcomes. I’m just going to say they need to

convince you they know what they are talking about and it is not just a copy from a text book. They

need to have done a good data base search using SCOPUS or similar. Did they just pick a few articles

and not explain why these and not others? How did they manage all the literature to decide what

they are going to present? Do they only have easy to access text and have no demonstration of a

wider search? This section must be supported by the literature. Did this discussion focus on the

contemporary care of the consumer? Some students will have pages of references and others will

have very few.

Engages the tutorial group ­

Did they ask the group questions? Did they have something innovative to show them? Could they

answer the questions that were posed to them by you and the group? Did they generate discussion

and interest? Did they refer to clinical experience that they have recently had in general or mental

health? Did they ask the group about their experiences?

Effective use of hand outs and is on time ­

Must complete within the 10 minutes an introduction and cover the contemporary care of the

consumer. Look at the hand outs they provide and the quality of these. Are these relevant and good

quality. Could something else have assisted them to get the message across more effectively?

Bibliography provided in APA 6th edition format ­

This is a bibliography so can be what they read and not only what is cited as you would expect in a

reference list. Please cross through any reference to the lecture notes or to Wikipedia. Then asses

what is left. Is it in APA format? If not cross through it and see what is left. Is it contemporary

literature from journals, books and Government web pages? Would you trust this literature? PLEASE

also only accept this at the commencement of the presentation so you can look at it during the

presentation. If the student forgets this they loose 4 marks and it puts the whole presentation into

question as it is not evidence based. PLEASE do not award more than 1 out 4 for any list that is not

in APA 6th edition format. Bibliographies should be extensive and not limited to a few citations. In a

topic where there are hundreds of articles found in SCOPUS 20 citations are inadequate.

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