answer in order

1. When did the term “race” first emerge in the English language and what it meant?b. Which varieties of “man” did Linnean distinguish and which stereotypes where associated with them?c. Make three statements from the video that shows how “race” is a social construct; although influenced, not based on biology.2. When did modern humans come to Europe?b. How and about which time did modern humans living in Europe get the two genes for depigmentation?c. Why depigmentation or light skin was beneficial in that part of the world?d. Were there other people in Europe with variants indicating light skin and if so, where did they live?3. When did the eugenics crusade start and who it first targeted?b. Which categories of people were sterilized in the US?c. What was the scientific argument for eugenics?d. What mechanisms of propaganda were used to spread its fundamental ideas?e. Which major figures in the US, including one African-American, shared the fundamental ideas that legitimized eugenics?f. Which anthropologist criticized eugenics vehemently?5. How many rituals did the hospital allow Hmong shamans to perform for the Hmong patients?b. What is their justification?Political Science


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