analyse the organisations environment

With reference to your chosen organisation, analyse the organisations environment and determine an appropriate strategy (either emergent or planned) which the organisation could pursue. A supportive leadership strategy to enable successful implementation of your recommendations is also required. 

You should critically evaluate your environmental analysis approach including an evaluation of methods used and your recommended strategy. Your report should include an analysis of the issues, which leaders and managers may face during both strategy formulation and its implementation whilst offering a critical evaluation of the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed by leaders and managers to successfully develop and implement strategy.

As a preference any company one of the following of the following Industries: Information Technology (software, hardware or cloud services), Retail, Logistics (supply chain). If it is not one of these, that’s ok.

Your work should be presented as a formal report format, suitable for presentation to Senior Managers or an Executive Board.The client has ordered 3500 words for the report, 250 words for the abstract+appendices

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