An interview for a paralegal position


You are due to attend an interview for a paralegal position in the residential property department of a law firm. As part of the interview process, you are required to select any area of Land Law to explain and critique in a recorded presentation for the panel to consider before the interview takes place. 

An area of Land Law to explain, critique and suggest reforms; freehold covenants (the writer needs to create a relevant topic out of this). The Law commissions recent reform or reports on it.

The Law of Freehold Covenants is impossible to defend in its current form, it is more complicated, confusing and unhelpful. There have been numerous suggestions for reform over the years, most recently in the Law Commission report (Consultation paper 327) 2011. However,details of Law Commission reports were not implemented and there is no reason yet to suppose that this one will have a happier fate. Consequently, we must grapple with the Law in its Unreformed state.

The above quote from the book-Land Law Directions (chapter 12) by Sandra and Sarah should please be read by the writer and then create the Presentation Topic from it.
The client has sent some example images, diagrams can be added in addition to the notes. 

The presentation will last 15 minutes. 

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