An Incident That Made Me Believe in Fate!!!

I am choosing that free will exists in our world. I think that I make my own choices every day, but I know that God definitely helps me along the way. Every day I wake up, and I make a decision, should I go back to sleep, lie here looking at the walls, or should I get out of bed and go to class? My story takes place before I was a teenager; I would have to flashback twenty years. What is faith? Is it belief in one’s God? How does one find faith? Can someone that claims to have faith ever doubt?
When I was twelve years old, I thought that I was religious. I went to a function with my youth group. In attendance were a great number of kids, I felt lost in the shuffle with so many things going on. Just as I contemplated sneaking away, a boy came over to talk to me, “How thoughtful,” I said to myself. We sat for a very long time and read the Bible together. It made me feel so special like I was starting to belong to the group. I felt it was so wonderful that someone took the time to notice me. This experience had a very special meaning to me.
One of the most important aspects of teenage life is feeling secure, accepted, and loved. At that moment I felt all those things at one time. My preacher came over to talk with me and wondered why I was sitting all alone. I looked up and realized I was alone. I told her about the boy who had noticed me. We read the bible together, and we talked for hours. She helped me look for him and we couldn’t find him anywhere. I was devastated and had no idea where he could have gone. I had been looking all weekend for the boy who noticed me, only I still couldn’t find him anywhere.
That’s when I realized that this was awesome. I know what it is: It is fate or faith? Here I am at a Christian event, and to think I was visited by the Lord. I told the preacher that, and she told me that I need to tell everyone the account of what happened. So there I was, standing in front of this group of kids. I was so anxious, but also calm. The story just flowed out of me. I told everyone what exactly happened to me this weekend. Whether individuals believe in God or not, a person must have a reason for his or her belief. I think fate has dealt me with a wonderful reason to believe in God!!!

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