All Progressives Congress (apc)

“The all progressives congress (apc) led government in Nigeria headed by president Buhari is on track to winning the 2019 elections”. Critically evaluate.

The critical evaluation should be positive, meaning, yes, APC would surely win in 2019.

These are few of the points you should mention (in addition to your own research). You should discuss more on the executive.

– Security. APC-led government decimated the terrorist group named boko haram that was initially controlling the North east of Nigeria, the size of Belgium
– Freed 106 chibok girls (which the previous PDP govt could not do)
– Economy. Diversification of economy to agriculture from crude oil. Growth in agriculture especially rice and yam, etc & ongoing.
– Took the country out of recession by implementing growth policies and cutting wastages, Nigeria on the trajectory of growth now. External reserve for Nigeria is now 35 billion dollars and counting. (which the previous PDP government depleted, wasted and stole)
– Corruption is down, anti corruption agencies energised and empowered, monies recovered both internally and internationally, ghost workers in the civil service weeded out and drastically reduced, revenue generating agencies now remitting more funds. (unlike the previous PDP that upheld corruption as a state policy)
– TSA. The strict implementation of the APC-led government’s directive to CBN to ensure Treasury Single Account (TSA) has consolidated revenues from government agencies and also reduced the cost of banking costs for the government
– The restructuring of the NNPC for effective management (Nigeria crude oil company)
– NPOWER scheme (Job Creation and Empowerment Initiative of the Social Investment Programme of the Nigerian Government) – employed over 200,000 Nigerians and more being processed
– NHGSFP scheme (Nigerian Government-led, cost-effective school feeding programme that uses farm produce locally grown, to feed pupils) scheme -feeding about 5 million Nigerian pupils per daily and engaged over 400,000 thousand cooks nationally.
– NSIP (Nigeria National Social Investment Programmes). This is a holistic programme targeted to assist Nigerians who have never had a voice and who are not visible, essentially vulnerable Nigerians. The APC-led government has empowered and trained millions of Nigerians across the nation and still ongoing, including payment of N5,000.00 to very poor Nigerians across the 36 states of the Nigeria.
– EBES (Nigeria Enabling Business Environment scheme) – Implementing the reform agenda of PEBEC. Making business work in Nigeria. –

Some of the crucial bills passed under the APC-led government:
– Not too young to run bill
– Whistle blower protection bill
– Discrimination against persons with disability bill
– Petroleum industry governance bill
– North-east development bill
– Sexual Harassment in tertiary education institutions bill
– Diaspora Commission bill
– National Poverty Alleviation commission bill
– Electronic transactions bill
– National Health insurance commission bill

– New Administration of Justice rules to deepen Justice in Nigeria. Implementation of required reforms in Nigeria’s criminal justice system
– PACAC (Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption) helping to clean up the ‘stench’ within the bench and bar
– Arrest and ongoing prosecution of corrupt judges
– Creation of a monitoring committee to ensure compliance and sanitisation of the Judiciary. Corruption and Financial Crimes Cases Trial Monitoring Committee (COTRIMCO) to monitor judges and courts handling corruption and financial crimes cases in the country

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