Aged Care ­ Health Promotion Case Study



In addressing the following tasks you should  refer to a minimum of 8 texts, using both subject readings and other relevant and credible literature and research to support your points.  ( see Australian web links below for current research) 

This assessment item must be written as a series of distinct numbered sections in response to the questions. The case study elements are to be considered in relation to your study materials on the social model of health in ageing, cognitive and mental health issues (dementia and depression) and health promotion. The introductory questions (1 – 3) provide a context of some specific ageing related issues within which to consider the case study and your health promotion plan.

1. Describe what we currently understand to be ‘normal’ cognitive ageing. 

2. Identify some implications of growing knowledge from research about neuronal plasticity and about the benefits of physical activity for the health and wellbeing of older people.

3. Discuss the importance of transport and physical mobility in relation to the older person who is the subject of your case study.

4. Basing your choice on this person’s interests, strengths and needs,  identify  three health promoting activities which may be of benefit to the subject of your chosen case study and explain why you believe these may be meaningful and of value to this person; note physical, social, cognitive and psychological benefits.

5. Select a service from the Australian Government Department of Social Services Ageing and Aged Care  website ( ) which may be appropriate for the subject of your case study and identify both potential benefits and any potential risks or negatives in relation to the use of this service by this person.

NOTES : Q5. In answering this question please choose Help in the Home – Home care packages  from the website ( ) Discuss Aged Care Assessment through to service implementation for both Joan and Norm  

6. Research your local area for a community group or activity which may be appropriate for this person and justify your choice.

NOTES: Q6. In answering this question please see attached document  – Dementia Eyres House. This is a planned activity Group. Please discuss in terms of meaningful engagement for Norm and respite for Joan .

7. What barriers may there be to implementing the activities suggested in 4 and 6 and how could you encourage the person to take up these recommendations?

8. What have you learned in this subject which you will be able to use in practice with older people?





This assessment offers students the opportunity  to apply their knowledge from subject readings  and other literature to a case study of a real life situation. Topic areas addressed in this assessment are as follows: 

    • Australian health and aged care system and policies
    • Ageing and physical and cognitive development, including recent research
    • Health promotion
    • Dementia, cognitive and mental health
    • Person-centred care
    • Communication and partnership
    • Ageing and identity, power and choice 

This assessment relates to aspects of  Learning Outcomes 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

1. be able to utilise various concepts and theories relating to professional practice with older people.
4. be able to recognise and examine the complexity of issues facing older people in relation to health , wellbeing, choice, independence and care.
5. be able to reflect critically on issues of power, decision-making and control in relation to their own practice as professional carers working with older people.
6. be able to identify participatory and emancipatory professional roles and begin to reflect on these in relation to their developing practice.
7. be able to identify and develop opportunities for health-promotion in relation to practice with older people.
8. be able to identify issues of significance to family carers and consider collaborative practices of professionals which enhance carers wellbeing as well as that of the older person.

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