Advanced diploma of work place health and safety [WHS]

Please read through all the course material and answer the questions which are outlined in the assessment workbook that is provided. Only answer the sections or questions which have not been crossed out.

The sections or questions in the assessment work books that have been crossed out please skip these sections or questions as they don’t require to be answered. ONLY ANSWER AREAS OR QUESTIONS OF THE WORK BOOKS WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN CROSSED OUT.

Its fairly straight forward course work project. All the course material is provided, Just read the questions in the assessment work books and look for the answers in the course material. ALL ANSWERS ARE TO BE INPUTTED IN THE WORKBOOKS PROVIDED.

Now if any questions in the work book that ask for you to answer from your point of view please make sure the answer is in line with the course material ONLY. you shouldn’t have trouble filling out the workbooks as its very straight forward.

Just read all the course material then address the Assessment workbooks there are two workbooks

Please make sure all answers are original work don’t quote other books not related to this course material. All answers are to be from the course material only, now if a question asks you to look up something it will provide you hyperlinks if need be. Other times you make have to do a tiny tiny amount of own research but that’s very rare.


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