Advanced Construction Technology

Task 1 Construction of a combined heat & power (CHP) energy generation facility in Beckton.

It is proposed to build a combined heat & power (CHP) energy generation facility which uses old Fats Oils and Greases (FOG) as a fuel to produce electrical power and heat energy at a 1 hectare site at Beckton. It is proposed to construct a single storey building approximately 30m x 45m in plan area and 18m high to house the facility with a one storey deep basement founded at a level 7m below ground level. In addition, the storage of the raw waste fuels will be in a three separate vertical shafts, each 21m deep and 9m in diameter, located next to the western perimeter of the site.

The subsoil at the site is a thick layer of soft alluvial river silts and clays on site to a depth of 15 metres overlaying a dense stratum of glacial gravel, the bearing capacity of the silt has been found to be in the region of 75 kN/m2. There is a high ground water table present. 

You are an assistant project manager for a large design & build company who is responsible for scheming out the superstructure, groundworks and civils element of the project. 

Provide an outline of the following: 

a)a typical form for the superstructure and cladding details of the above ground building using reference to current practice, and details of how it would be built in terms of plant & temporary works;[20 Marks]

b)a neat labelled sketch through the basement describing clearly how it would be constructed including the temporary works
[10 Marks]

c)The proposed method to construct the FOG storage shafts including all the major temporary works required.
[15 Marks]

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