ACC 411 Michigan State University Auditing Pinnacle Case Study

Question Description

The case study and the questions are in the CH9 Case word document, and after you read the case, you have to finish the question B and C, and for question B, the 8 situations are also listed just above the question A. To answer the questions, you will need information from chapter 8, so I will also upload what we have already done in chapter 8 and the case of chapter 8 (which are CH8 Case and pinnacle 1 word documents), I will also upload what we are doing in this ch9 case study( which is the pinnacle 2 word document), and it has already contained answers for part A and part of the answers for part B, so I want you to follow the same formats as what we did please. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much.

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