Acaydia School of Aesthetics Childrens Health and Wellness Research Paper

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Chapter 8 Reflection: We are on chapter 5 Please include the book Sorte, J., Daeschel. I., & Amador. C. (2016). Nutrition, health, and safety for young children: Promoting wellness. (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. Please also include intext citations from this book only. the book is attached. Do not use other sources. The book is attached. a powerpoint is also attached

Part A: Response to Chapter Reflection Question(s)

Each student will need to read the assigned chapter(s) for the week. Once student has read the assigned chapter then student must answer the assigned Chapter Reflection Question(s) for the week.

Chapter Reflection Chapter 8: Creating a Climate of Health and Wellness

Based on this chapter, what are two ways that you would implement health and wellness in your future classroom? Please be specific with detailed examples. Remember to cite the textbook!

Remember to be detailed, use key words and explain your response. Remember to cite and reference textbook

Each Chapter Reflection Question(s) response needs to answer the question entirely, be specific and detailed, spelling and grammar applies, and must cite the textbook accordingly to APA style/format. Students need to aim for detailed 2 page response that cites textbook in APA and references the textbook at the end the post in APA (similar as reference page).

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