A guide to writing in APA 7th Edition

In October 2019, APA presented the 7th edition of its Publication Manual which replaces the 6th edition published in 2009. The new standards seek to keep up with the changes that have taken place in the academic world, where the citation of online material has become more common, the search for an inclusive language has […]

8 Most Effective Time Management Tips for Students

The new academic year has started, remotely or in the lecture hall, and that means studying. If you got through exams last year stressed and ran into unattainable deadlines, it’s not a bad idea to better manage your time this year to avoid that tension. Get better at time management, or time management, and organize your days […]

How Our Research Paper Writing Service Works

Professional Research Paper Writers The writers we have to offer range from MA & Ph.D. level graduates to university professors. More than 80% of customers come back for help with other assignments. Whether it’s Art History or Political Science – we will help you get an A+. Select from a list of professional writers to […]

The Importance of Understanding the Dynamics of Change

 For this assignment I would like you to complete the following: 1.  Read material shared at the following websites: Introduction to Innovation Management – https://www.viima.com/blog/innovation-management  https://chiefexecutive.net/organizational-change-in-the-business-world-adapting-is-surviving/ (Links to an external site.) Multiples Articles on Change from this single link – https://bizfluent.com/facts-7214659-definition-business-change.html (Links to an external site.) https://www.liquidplanner.com/blog/why-is-organizational-change-so-hard/ (Links to an external site.) – a group of change articles can also be […]

Microeconomics – Discussion 1

Topic: It can be relatively easy to understand that a resource such as gold is scarce.  But what about a resource such as water, with the world’s oceans holding more than 300 million cubic miles of water? Economically speaking, do you think water is scarce?  If you live next to the ocean, is water still […]

Secondary data research paper

 LENGTH: Between 5-7 pages double-spaced. This includes cover sheet, tables, charts, appendices or reference section. Do not exceed 7 pages. SOURCES: Minimum 8 (5 must be academic journals or scholarly books) Wikipedia and blogs cannot be used as sources. Use of blogs or Wikipedia will reduce your grade. FORMAT: 1” margins on top, bottom, and […]

“Lost in the woods… a simulation experiment”

“Lost in the woods… a simulation experiment” Much of the software development work you will do in this course will be done in groups. In HW1, we will apply Pair Programming approach. You will be randomly assigned a partner (unless you choose one), and the two of you will work together on this assignment. You […]

Create a discussion thread (with your name) and answer the following question(s):

Discussion 1 (Chapter 9): Discuss the correspondences between the ER model constructs and the relational model constructs. Show how each ER model construct can be mapped to the relational model, and discuss any alternative mappings? Instructions:  Your response to the initial question should be 250-300 words.  Next respond to two postings provided by your classmates. I […]

Human Resources

  Create an action plan for 7 retail stores based on the information below. The action plan must be in a SMART format specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and “time specific. Each bold bullet point has to have a plan. Assignment do Saturday September 18, 2021. Each asterix have to have a follow up date. Summary: ·**Common […]

confidence intervals

Assignment Content Competency Develop a confidence interval for a population parameter. Student Success Criteria View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane. Instructions Scenario (information repeated for deliverable 01, 03, and 04) A major client of […]


  My Professional  Journal CLA 1  Journal response. In Weeks you were directed to keep a professional work journal  Now you will review your work journal entries and arrange some of them into paperwork. The writing will reflect upon those five weeks of experiences recorded in your journal and what you have learned.  Include how […]

Appendicular muscles lab sheet

   1. These muscles are engaged actively during squatting motions. ___________ 2. These muscles are actively engaged during arm wrestling. ___________ 3. A muscle that flexes is called ____________ 4. A muscle that extends is called ___________ 5. This muscle lifts the scapula_________ 6. These muscles are actively used and injured by soccer players (Clue: […]

Week 8 Research Ethics and Article Critique

Visit the NCU Library. Locate a qualitative peer-reviewed article that relates to your research interest. Then, write a critique of the article that incorporates the concepts learned in this course. Using complete paragraphs and APA formatting, identify and explain the following in the critique of your selected article: Full citation of the article. Introduction – […]