Academic Scholarship

Using academic scholarly research tools, find a current event article that addresses an ethical dilemma from the past five years and annotate it thoroughly.  What are the key points to the article?  Summarize the dilemma.  What are the key terms of the article?  What conflicts or controversies does it raise?  Where can you offer analysis or an original point of view?  Once you have a handle on the article and your reaction to the issues it raises, use it as a foundation to:

Summarize your selected current even and ethical dilemma in 2-4 paragraphs. 
Apply Kant’s Categorical Imperative to the problem you highlight.
Apply any other method you have encountered in lecture material and the readings to help develop your analysis.
Conclude with a recommendation for a resolution. 
Follow the format requirements: Your paper should be 3 pages (title and reference pages not included in page count).  You MUST provide the source of the foundation dilemma, and thus this paper will require 1 reference using at least 1 correct in-text citation (indicating quoted or paraphrased material from the article and where to locate it).  Use APA format in citing the source.  Refer to course resources for details and help in achieving APA style

IntroductionWriter provides a solid example of academic scholarship, related to a specific real-world problem. The source is written by a professional ethicist, scholar, or credible source. This article must meet the requirements of a scholarly source or no points will be awarded here.

Summary Quality
The writer annotates the source fully, considering the main points, key terms used (with in-text citation of pages); s/he analyzes content for implications, consequences, and subtle problems and controversies. They establish points of agreement/disagreement and gives cause. Specific examples are highlighted as part of the summary. Course material is leveraged powerfully. Full credit is given if both the scholarly article and course material are cited. Half credit is given if either is missing and no credit here if both are missing.

Kant’s Categorical Imperative
Apply Kant’s Categorical Imperative to the problem described in the current event. Apply any other method you have encountered in lecture material and the readings. State which method you prefer and why. Specific examples are utilized.

Grammar, Mechanics, Style
Grammar refers to correct Standard American Usage, e.g., subject/verb agreement and use of correct parts of speech. Mechanics refers to correct idiomatic usage, e.g., capitalized proper nouns, word choice, and word order. Style (5 pts) refers to dynamic writing, avoiding passive constructions, writing that shows, describes, and compels the reader’s interest. Evident care has been taken in composing; there are few errors, and they do not significantly interfere with meaning.

Paper must comply with APA including title page, reference page and in text citations.

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