A specific service improvement/change

A need for a specific service improvement/change that would improve the quality of care for women during pregnancy, birth or early motherhood. You will debate and evaluate the implementation strategies necessary to affect appropriate service improvement/change.

The focus of the essay is not on the service improvement itself but on how it would be implemented.
Looking at leadership, resistance to change, decision making, stakeholders.

The service improvement would be to conduct a pilot within a community midwives base and to supply them with bilirubin Meters to check for jaundice instead of having to take a blood sample from the baby performing a serum bilirubin test (SBR).

An SBR can be time consuming, has transport implications as it has to be processed quickly, has a cost to process and causes stress to the Mother and baby. The trust where the pilot would take place has a zero tolerance to Jaundice so SBRs are done on a daily basis.

Should only use about 400 words on the service improvement and the rationale.

• Provide a reasoned rationale with justification for the Service Improvement/ change in midwifery practice.

• Analyse and evaluate the qualities of an effective leader in implementing service improvement in midwifery practice.

• Recognise and evaluate the barriers to change.

• Debate and evaluate appropriate strategies for change.

• Analyse and evaluate the professional responsibilities of the midwife in providing quality care and the implications for lifelong learning.

• Present reasoned discussions which are critical, analytical and supported by evidence which reflects the academic level.

• Develop reasoned conclusions demonstrating the ability to integrate and synthesise evidence/concepts and the implications for practice

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