a major geographical journal

Select a single article published in a major geographical journal between the 1880s and the 1940s. Undertake a critical contextual analysis of that text and seek to answer a range of associated questions about it, for example:

– the author and his/her objectives, motivations, interests etc.;
– the wider debate to which the article was a contribution, traced through a range of other sources, possibly including earlier and later contributions to the journal selected but not limited to that source;
– the article’s intended readership, insofar as this can be established;
– the article’s history, insofar as this can be recreated ie. was the article initially presented verbally and subsequently published etc.
– if the journal was associated with a specific geographical society, the nature and role of the society at the time;
– the significance of the article, the author and the journal in shaping the development of geography in the period under consideration;
– the relationship between the selected article and author and the wider economic, social, cultural and political factors through which the article can be analysed and understood.Geographical Journal (the journal of the Royal Geographical Society in London); 

• Scottish Geographical Magazine (now Scottish Geographical Journal, the journal of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society in Edinburgh); 
• Geographical Review (the journal of the American Geographical Society in New York); 
• Annals of the Association of American Geographers (the journal of the Association of American Geographers in Washington DC) 

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