2 discussions of 250 words each due as soon as possible – 6 hours maximum

(1) A Justice League of Their Own –
Please feel free to touch on 1 or more of the following discussion topics.
1) There appear to be several similarities between Sport Films and the Superhero Genre.  For example, there will be a final conflict/game that generally the hero “wins”.  However, in many cases the woman is a support character, such as a mother or love interest.  However, that changes when a woman is the star, meaning a man is going to have a major role, possibly the main rival or a primary source of conflict (Tom Hanks in ALOTO*). Why and will that change?
2) Males – is there a (female) baseball character that you can identify with in ALOTO as being similar to you or having similar characteristics? Is this something you feel comfortable doing?  
Females – generally in sport (or superhero) movies that feature men, are you able to identify with specific characters as being similar to you or having similar characteristics?  Is this something you feel comfortable doing?
All – Why is tougher for men (generally) or less acceptable to identify with female characters, and is that similar to coaching?  Are men as accepting of being coached by women as women are of being coached by men?
3) Do you think society will watch and support a mainstream movie about a transgendered athlete be a box office success?  Why or why not? 
4) Feel free to add other items that you found interesting or unique to the film.
*ALOTO = A League of Their Own

(2) Discussion: A Critical Look at the Question of Class
The course text describes the impact of socioeconomic status on parenting style and the socialization of children. Berns defines four levels of “class” and describes characteristics of each. Yet, further reading implies that the concept—and reality—of social class may be more complex than the author’s presentation.
Your role as a student is not only to read for information, but also to read critically as well. Review the “Class Descriptions” and “Effects of Class” sections of the course text (pages 107-109), paying close attention to the values and behaviors ascribed to each class and especially the “lower class” and the “underclass.”
Then, review the “Class Matters: Shadowy Lines That Still Divide” article, which discusses modern views of social class in the United States.
Next, consider the following:

What you know about class in America today
Your experiences related to class
The differences between the presentation of class in America today in the New York Times article and the description of class in the course text
Your thoughts about those differences
How children may be affected by class and by people’s attitudes and beliefs related to class
How the information presented in your text might have a negative affect on teachers’ perceptions of children and their families

By Day 3
Based on the readings and your own experiences, post your thoughts in regard to:

Your views on differences between social classes that have the most influence on outcomes for children
In your future work with young children and families, how you will avoid allowing stereotypes, assumptions, and labels that can create negative and/or limited perceptions of children and families from influencing you

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